Custom made Embossers are available to use on various paper weights or card, 
and can be custom made to suit your design requirements. 
Your personal design and / or company logo can be reproduced accurately. 
The embossed image is impressed onto paper/card or notorial seals and produces stunning professional results. 
An embosser is a creative & affordable way to emboss your own letterheads instead of the print process.

Embossers can be any shape, however they must fit inside 1 of 2 options: 
A) Max. 45mm diameter (circular) embossing plate. 
B) Max. 50 x 25mm (rectangular) embossing plate.

A sample of the paper stock you will be using to emboss is required
to ensure that the correct embosser is chosen.

Notorial Seals are often used on certificates or simply to add extra sophistication to a presentation. They come as self adhesive labels in a range of sizes and colours (gold, silver or red) to suit your embossing requirements.