Q. Can I use my self inker or traditional stamp on non-porous surfaces
like glossy or waxed paper, plastic, metal or wood?

 A. Yes, providing you use the appropriate ink. Common inks used to stamp
paper are usually water-based and will not dry correctly on non-porous
surfaces. Spirit-based inks come in a variety of forms: from medium to quick dry
and have different applications and drying times. 
There are even Preinked Quick Dry Stamps.

 Q. What Ink colours are available?

 A. The common ink colours available for Self inking, Preinked & Traditional
Other colours available in varying ink types include WHITE, BROWN & YELLOW
& a large range of differing colours in our craft stamp pad range.

 Q. How do I order?

 A. You can send your order in a variety of ways: EMAIL / FAX / POST
or PHONE. We can supply you with a FREE QUOTE & PROOF if required. 
Please see our ORDER section for for further details.

 Q. How do I pay for my order?

 A. You can pay via DIRECT EFT / EFTPOS / CREDIT / CHEQUE or CASH. 

Our DIRECT EFT details are as follows:
BSB: 034-221
A/C: 362123

NOTE: Please send an EFT Remittance Advice upon transfer
quoting Invoice No. & Remitter details.

 Q. How do I receive my order?

 A. We can DESPATCH your order at an additional cost by COURIER or POST. 
Alternatively you can collect your order direct from our
Ruthven St store - Please see our CONTACT section.

 Q. What sort of images / text can I have on my stamp/s?

 A. Your stamp design is only limited by your imagination. 
You can specify exactly how your stamp will look or leave the
design up to us, or a combination of both - ask us to send you a proof. 
 Click here for artwork specifications.
 Click here to download & print our order / quote form.

 Q. How long does it take to make a stamp?

 A. It usually takes 24hrs + despatch time (if required). 
Larger orders, Wax Seals & Embossers can be between 5-8 working days. 

Q. Can I turn my signature into a rubber stamp? 

 A. Yes, any signature can be made as a self inking, traditional 
or preinked stamp. All we need from you is an original signature, not faxed. 
Sign your name in black or blue ballpoint pen 3 times
and tick next to the one you would prefer to use.