Custom Made Stencils use a wide range of materials. Depending on size, 
design & the amount of use your stencil will get, you can choose from
the following Stencil Material.

Mylar Stencil: 
Light, highly flexible, durable, solvent resistant polyester film. 
Allows for closer contact to stencil surface, ideal for roller application
and small characters.

Poly Stencil: Extremely durable polypropylene, resistant to most chemicals
and acids, use for heavy stencilling. Suitable for roller or spray applicators. 

Magnetic Rubber Stencil: 
Cut in special magnetic rubber to adhere to ferrous
metal surfaces making stencilling easier.

Zinc Stencil: Rustproof, resistant to chemicals, long life, unlimited stencilling.
Ideal for 60 litre and 205 litre drum top stencils. Suitable for roller
or spray applications.