Traditional Stamps

Custom made Traditional Rubber Stamps are made to whatever size you require. 
They are usually placed on a durable plastic 'vuestamp' with a clear mount so you
can see an impression of your stamp. 
Traditional Rubber Stamps are used with a stamp pad and any water-based or speciality inks in our range.

 Traditional Rubber Stamps can also be supplied on craft wood blocks upon request
or as Rubber Only. Sometimes you may require a replacement rubber for your self inking stamp or you may want to place the rubber only on an existing handle or base. 

 Not only can rubber stamps be used for stamping, but for impressing into a range of surfaces including clay or modelling clay. Over the years we have made a name for ourselves as the "Problem Solvers" of the marking industry for our willingness to help people with all manner of unusual requests concerning rubber stamps and the marking industry. We can help you out whatever the job - No task is too great, No problem too difficult to solve.

Larger rubber stamps are usually mounted onto a wooden base with plastichandle or a 'Rocker' base which lets the user roll the stamp impression instead of applying excessive pressure.

Sizes/Models indicated below are only a part of our extensive range. 
Please contact us for more detailed requirements / larger sizes.

 Measurements are in millimetres and indicate maximum printable area on stamp base

Product Specifications


  •  S01 (10mm x 13mm)
  •  S02 (10mm x 25mm)
  •  S03 (10mm x 38mm)
  •  S04 (10mm x 51mm) 
  •  S05 (10mm x 63mm)
  •  S06 (10mm x 76mm)
  •  S07 (10mm x 89mm)
  •  S08 (10mm x 101mm) 
  •  S09 (16mm x 19mm)
  •  S10 (16mm x 38mm)
  •  S11 (16mm x 51mm)
  •  S12 (16mm x 63mm) 
  •  S13 (16mm x 76mm)
  •  S14 (16mm x 89mm)
  •  S15 (21mm x 21mm)
  •  S16 (21mm x 38mm) 
  •  S17 (21mm x 51mm)
  •  S18 (21mm x 63mm)
  •  S19 (21mm x 76mm)
  •  S20 (25mm x 25mm)
  •  S21 (25mm x 38mm)
  •  S22 (25mm x 51mm) 
  •  S23 (6mm x 51mm)
  •  S24 (6mm x 63mm)
  •  S25 (6mm x 76mm)


  •  ROCKER RM1 (127mm x 70mm)
  •  ROCKER RM2 (155mm x 77mm)
  •  ROCKER RM3 (165mm x 88mm)
  •  ROCKER RM4 (179mm x 102mm) 
  •  ROCKER RM5 (205mm x 127mm) 


  •  L01 (16mm x 101mm)
  •  L02 (21mm x 89mm)
  •  L03 (21mm x 101mm)
  •  L04 (25mm x 63mm)
  •  L05 (25mm x 76mm)
  •  L06 (25mm x 89mm)
  •  L07 (25mm x 101mm)
  •  L08 (32mm x 76mm) 
  •  L09 (32mm x 101mm) 
  •  L10 (32mm x 127mm)
  •  L11 (38mm x 38mm)
  •  L12 (38mm x 70mm)
  •  L13 (38mm x 82mm)
  •  L14 (38mm x 101mm)
  •  L15 (45mm x 46mm) 
  •  L16 (51mm x 57mm)
  •  L17 (51mm x 76mm)
  •  L18 (63mm x 101mm)
  •  L19 (32mm x 32mm)
  •  L20 (38mm x 38mm)
  •  L21 (63mm x 63mm)
  •  L22 (32mm x 51mm)
  •  L23 (32mm x 63mm) 


  •  R38 (38mm Diameter - Circular) 
  •  R45 (45mm Diameter - Circular)